Who Is SlowDownAlaska.org?

SlowDownAlaska.org is the collected work of seasoned Alaskan personal injury attorneys. Decades of experience, with hundreds of Alaskan car crashes, helping victims suffering brain injuries, neck/back injuries, broken bones, and crushed bodies, have shown us how to survive Alaskan roads. We share our experience here - hoping you (and your family) make it home alive.

Our goal: We hope you never need us. We hope you never need any attorney because you (or a family member) were hurt (or killed) in an automobile accident. In all honesty, we're concerned about you mainly because we care about other people, but just as importantly, we care because our families drive the same Alaskan roads. If we help you drive more safely, more responsibly, maybe our families have a better chance of making it home alive…

This site is directed toward younger drivers and people relocating to Alaska. Folks who are unfamiliar, and lacking experience to safely conquer Alaskan roads take note. Actually, this site contains practical advice for all Alaskan drivers, but let's not fool ourselves, kids and newbies need it more. Make your kids read this site.

The "SlowDownAlaska Quiz" is here for all parents - that means you - as the test your kids should pass before handing them your car keys. Our "Teen Driving Contract" is also very good. Basically, it says that if your kid is ever an idiot - and asks for your help - you'll act like an adult in response. Be sure to mention both to your insurance agent - they might get you a discount.

WARNING: As attorneys who battle insurance companies, we're biased against them. Throughout this site are snarky comments about insurance companies. We recognize that insurance companies are necessary. We just ask that they play fairly. We've seen too many insurance companies take advantage of injured Alaskans.

With decades of experience helping Alaskan drivers, we want you to be safe, well insured, and knowledgeable about Alaska's unique driving environment. We want you and your family to live through another Alaskan winter. In short ...we want you to … [wait for it]… Slow Down, Alaska.

We hope you find this site useful. To make SlowDownAlaska.org even more useful, forward input, comments, suggestions, and concerns to lori@slowdownalaska.org. We're serious. Don't be shy: Send us input. It helps everybody.