Steer Clear Of These Fairbanks Intersections

After 50+ years of representing injured motorists, we have a good notion of which intersections kill folks. We’ve studied these intersections. We’ve seen the design specifications and hired experts to help us understand how people react as they go through them. Here are the top-five intersection to avoid around Fairbanks:

Number 5: Airport Road and Cushman Street: For some reason, folks just haven't learned to slow down on Airport Rd. Furthermore, as Fairbanks’ primary four-lane, it seems to draw drunks and lead-footed kids in loud pickup trucks. We've represented dozens of folks who were injured at just about every intersection along Airport Rd. Always keep your eye on the Airport/Cushman intersection, especially at night. It pays to yield, even when you don't have to.

Number 4: Old Steese Highway and College Road: Maybe it's the box-stores. Maybe it's the odd slant to the roadway. Heck, maybe it’s the fact that thousands of folks hurry home on Northbound Steese, forgetting to stop for the red light on College Rd. Whatever the reason, always look twice when entering Steese/College. It's a killer.

Number 3: Johanssen and Danby: The car lots might just be too much of a distraction for motorists on the Johansen. Have you noticed that people ignore this intersection? How many people must die before the driving public learns to slow down through Danby/Johansen? Keep your eyes on the road. Ignore the new Toyota Motors Sign. Look both ways and save a life.

Number 2: University/Farmer's Loop/College Road: Southbound drivers, coming from Farmer's Loop and turning left onto College Rd. seem to forget about northbound traffic from University Ave. The UAF's decision to re-open this intersection for access to the campus hasn't helped. Having campaigned on this intersection for the better part of six months, let me assure you that it's a mess. Red lights appear to be mere suggestions at this intersection. Oddly, I noticed that the same vehicles consistently ignore the traffic control devices. We have some really dangerous folks living on Farmer's Lp. Watch out. Keep your eyes open, and live to make it home.

And, the absolute worst intersection in and about Fairbanks, Alaska - having claimed more lives and injured more people than you can imagine...

Number 1: Steese and Farmer's Loop.: Do yourself a favor. Slow down when entering this intersection from any direction. I know that the speed limit is 55 on the Steese. Please pretend that it's 45 - and live a bit longer. Expect people to blow through from both the Westbound Birch Hill side - and the Eastbound Farmer's Lp. side. Nobody on the Steese seems to have learned that this intersection even exists. Flashing lights haven't helped. The next time you drive through, look at the numerous white road-side crosses and the "in memory of" signs. Buckle up. Slow down. Turn on your headlights. Look out for others. Buy a big truck. This intersection is dangerous.